Set Up and Control Your Anonymous Browsing with Vidalia

vidalia_scaled.jpgWindows/Mac/Linux: Vidalia, a free, open-source, cross-platform application, makes setting up and configuring Web proxy tool Tor a snap, allowing you to surf the internet anonymously with a turn on/turn off utility. VIdalia sets up your system and helps you connect to, and monitor, Tor relays around the world, even letting you see the route your browsing is taking at the moment. You can also monitor bandwidth usage and set up your own Tor relay if you want to contribute, but Vidalia's main appeal is the bundling of software and configuration tools that make Tor easy enough for anyone to use. Vidalia is a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.


    I would be really careful about operating an exist node on the tor network. I set one up and sniffed the traffic and it was made up mostly of child porn and hacking attempts all of which will appear to be coming from your computer.


    Do you realize that no outbound traffic is generated from your address unless you are configured as a relay.


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