Replace Bulky Document Binders with Chicago Screws

chic-screw.JPG If you've got a shelf full of bulky binders, blogger Tim Fehlman says you can consolidate them using Chicago screws, which fit into regular paper punch holes:

They are flat and allow you to get rid of the extra space that is taken up by partially empty binders, covers, etc. We figure that we have reduced the amount of space that our documents use by about 60%.

With Chicago screw binding your pages turn more like a book that doesn't quite lay flat, so this sounds best for documents you don't need to remove or rearrange easily. They're also cheaper than full-on binders for document archiving, too.


    I'm looking for post binders (chicago screws binders) already made in Australia. I am not a handy man kind of person. I've looked everywhere I could think of and I came up with nothing. All the stationary retailers that I contacted advise me that they don't carry them anymore. Does anyone know where I could get one (or two) preferably in Australia? I'm thinking of really thick ones (3 to 4 inches; 7-10cm) for A4 documents.

    I've found a couple of companies that sell them:
    i hope these help :-)

    Thanks for the great tip, of the sites you posted the only one that seems to work is Bound to Impress, they were quick to respond and had the screws to me the very next day! We've used them to make colour swatches, and the fan out from the screw is excellent.

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