Recycle your Christmas Tree

If you had a live Christmas tree then it's probably ready to be denuded of its Christmas decorations and disposed of. Rather than adding to landfill, why not turn it into useful mulch? Contact your local council to see if they're organising Christmas tree collection.
The City of Sydney council will be collecting trees on January 16 and 30. The trees will be turned into woodchips and mulch for local parks and gardens. You need to book collection by calling the council on 9265 9333 by 2pm of the Tuesday before collection day.
I advise getting the tree out of the house before it starts to dry up and drop its needles all over the house. :)


    No, you don't want to leave a Christmas tree in the loungeroom until, say, April. That's just slack.

    I know! :P

    What about info on other states???

    This isn't organised at a state level, it's individual local councils. So your best bet is to call your council.

    I just rang City of Sydney council and got straight through to a real live person after two rings. I gave them a list of my junk, and they are going to pick it all up next Tuesday. I had no idea it would be so easy! Thanks for the tip!

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