Reboot Your GTD System to Make It Work

Are you desperately holding onto a failing Getting Things Done system that worked perfectly for someone you know? Do you find yourself trying out every single new productivity app that ... some blog or another points you toward? The Cranking Widgets Blog recommends starting over for both those GTD types (the "copycats" and the "fiddlers") and getting back to the bare essentials to see what works:

Get rid of the fancy notebook, the expensive software and the pen made from the carcass of some endangered species. Go buy a couple boxes of crappy manila folders, a box of bic pens, a few reams of plain white printer paper and a pocket dayrunner-style calendar ... Force yourself to live in the GTD wilderness for awhile (which is paradise to some, by them way) and you'll start to appreciate the way some of the higher-tech setups work.

Or, as the writer suggets, you may just fall in love with the joys of paper. Have you ever realized your productivity system was failing you? How did you get back on track? Share your stories of rebirth in the comments.


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