Quickly check if your system can run a PC game

canyourunit.pngPC gamers will appreciate Can You Run it, an online tool which checks your system spec against a list of popular and new release games to see if your computer can play them.
Note that it does require you to download an Active X or Java plugin to work. The test runs quickly and shows you the results in an easy to read format - spelling out both what componentry you have and what the minimum requirement is for the game you've asked about. It also shows you the optimal or "Recommended" specs for the game - my system got the all clear for the minimum requirements for playing Bioshock, but when I clicked into the "Recommended" specs it warned me my video RAM wasn't up to snuff - Bioshock recommends 512MB of RAM, and I have a measly 256MB. Oh the shame.
I also liked the fact that  the results page also prompts you to the vendor's download page if you need to update your driver.


    Hiya, article link is somewhat dead, try http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest instead

    dont work whit my laptop...

    That site is not so good
    That tells me that I can't play AOE 3 on my laptop
    But the game is running fine and smooth
    First , it shows that i don't have a shader and after
    that it shows that my laptop has 3.0 shader

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