Put the Linux.conf.au Open Day on your calendar

LCAopenday.pngLinux.conf.au 2008 kicks off in Melbourne at the end of the month, and the event will be capped off by Open Day, a free event showcasing a bunch of cool homebrew tech inventions, gadgets and toys.

This year's Open Day is being held on Saturday, February 2 at Union House at the University of Melbourne's city campus. There will be over 40 exhibits about everything from movie making, 3D virtual gaming, robots and digital music exhibitions.

Previous Open Days have showcased some pretty impressive homebrew tech experiments and gadgets. Last year Australia got it's first hands on look at the OLPC computer at Open Day, and I heard that Linus Torvalds was spotted puttering around on an open source Segway - I don't think you can get any more nerdy if you tried. :)

The aim of Open Day is to offer a fun and educational day for families, kids, students or anyone with an interest in the latest cool geek projects. There will be demos, talks, competitions and opportunities to talk to the creators of all the tech on show. Best of all it's all based on open source technology so anything you like you can get involved in yourself.

I will be there reporting for Lifehacker, but if you're in Melbourne - and especially if you have kids - come along and check out Open Day. Further information is available at the Open Day website.


    Sweet! I'm on board.

    Awesome. :)

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