Protect Your PC from Viruses in Real-Time with ThreatFire

tfire.pngWindows only: Freeware, lightweight anti-spyware application ThreatFire monitors your computer for malware and blocks new threats in real time. There are a lot of freeware anti-spyware apps out there, but the difference between most of them and ThreatFire is the always-on, real-time protection—as opposed to on-demand scanning. The catch is, ThreatFire does not do on-demand scans in the free version. All that really means is that you can download one of the many other freeware options (like AVG Free and Ad-Aware, for example) for on-demand scans and run ThreatFire to cover any immediate threats in real-time. ThreatFire is freeware, Windows only. Everybody's got their favorite anti-virus and anti-malware apps, so let's hear yours in the comments.


    I dont see why you would review this product unless you were being paid to. Spyware Terminator does bot on demand and real-time for free. It is a quality program thats been around for a couple of years.

    We don't do paid reviews, never have, never will.

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