Play Flash Media on Your iPhone or iPod Touch with iTransmogrify

The iTransmogrify bookmarklet for the iPhone or iPod touch converts embedded Flash content to mobile Safari-supported formats so that Flash media—like embedded YouTube videos and streaming MP3s—will play from Safari with the click of a bookmark. Obviously your iPhone or iPod touch has YouTube built in, but if, for example, you're reading Lifehacker and we've embedded a YouTube video, Safari won't recognise that and take you directly to the YouTube app. One click of your new iTransmorgrify bookmarklet, though, and it will. The bookmarklet also supports several Flash-based MP3 players.


    Hello I am having a problem finding this itransmorgrify i can't find it in any packages etc. I would really like to know where to find this so I can use my phone to the fullest Thank you!!!

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