Apple Australia has confirmed that we won’t be getting a piece of the
iTunes movie rental action
which was announced at Macworld in San
Francisco this week. The local iTunes store has always lagged behind the US store – we still can’t download TV episodes, for example, so it wasn’t a big surprise.


  • The Lifehack for this problem is to go onto eBay and purchase a U.S. iTunes Gift Card. Create an account on the U.S. iTunes store using a fake (but real) address and pair the gift card witht he account. There are no geographic checking ‘smarts’ built into the system so you can start buying TV shows and Movies and download rental movies right away even if you are outside the U.S.

    Technically you’re not supposed to do this so it’s at your own risk. That said I have eben doing it for a couple of years, no problems.

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