TAFE and Uni students can buy a copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $75 (or $25 for a one year license) from Microsoft's It's Not Cheating anti-piracy website. The offer runs until May 15. The Microsoft Office-compatible free office suite OpenOffice is always free, of course, and is available here. I'm just sayin'.


    Free, but nowhere near as good.

    I agree with Jono. OpenOffice works just fine if your only alternative is to fork out hundreds of dollars for MS Office 2003.

    I took advantage of this last year and OpenOffice is not in the picture compared to Office 2007 for $75. Not even close. The 2007 experience is easily $75 "better" than using OpenOffice, even taking into account the warm fuzzy inner glow of using open source.

    The downside of the deal is that there is no upgrade path from Office 2007 with this version. However, I can't see any reason why I would want to upgrade from 2007.

    Licence conditions are handy too: you can use it on your desktop and one portable device as long as they are not being used at the same time. I know that OpenOffice can be used everywhere all the time but in normal usage, I'm not costrained by the MS licence at all (besides which, how are they going to know that the copies are used at the same time?).


    Where did you learn that there was no upgrade path from this edition? I've never seen/heard that anywhere.

    All in all, a fantastic deal from Microsoft! :)

    HHMM $75 to have a new version of Office, when 99% of employers have older versions...

    sure it's good to update your Knowledge and skills, but why if nearly no one will pay you to use it?

    kinda like Knowing how to build a Motorcycle and working as a truck mechanic


    I thought I read it in the licence conditions somewhere. I could well be wrong (which would be great) although it it's usually standard practice that educational/special deals to be "end of the line". That seems fair to me, given the size of the discount.


    I don't have 2007 to update my skills. I have 2007 because it's nicer to use than OpenOffice at a price point I was prepared to pay. It's entirely for my own use and it has the benefit of integrating very nicely with Vista in general.

    In an office enviroment, in my experience there are very few core office suite skills that can't be transferred across software revisions.

    Anyway, it's an opportunity for students to be legit and get a full-featured office suite for a very reasonable price. I don't know if knowledge and skills really enters the equation.

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