Import Outlook PST Files into Thunderbird with PST Import

Windows/Linux (Thunderbird): Import Outlook's PST files and choose which email folders to bring into Thunderbird with PST Import, a free extension for the open-source, cross-platform email manager Thunderbird. While Thunderbird can import certain messages and settings from an existing Outlook installation, the PST Import add-on lets you set up email on Linux systems, and gives Thunderbird users the ability to pull specific email folders from a stand-alone PST file. The program was coded in France and one user review noted a dialog pop-up in French language, but the instructions should be fairly straight-forward, regardless. PST Import is a free download and is listed as working with Windows and Linux versions of Thunderbird—if any OS X users want to give it a quick shot, I'll update whether it works there too. Thanks Eddy!


    I'm afraid this is a dud. Installed the extension, directed it to import the PST file, a message appeared in French saying that it was a large file and would take a while, creates a folder called Outlook PST folder in Local folders, you go to open it, and ... it is empty (sob). If you look at the user reviews, I think 7 out of 8 of them said that it didn't work.

    Still searching for a PST importer!

    This plug-in did not work for me either.
    No helpful error message, no explanation...
    Disappointing. I'd recommend not installing it.

    yep.. it's not working for me either.. i don't want to install outlook again just to import my emails into thunderbird.. :(

    Can't believe this was actually allowed to see the light. Did none of the sites that allow this download ever tested it on Thunderbird in Linux before making it available to the public?

    I can't believe it either. Either I'm a dork or a numbat

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