How Do You Teach Your Children About Money?

How Do You Teach Your Children About Money?
piggy_dollar.jpgThe earlier you learn solid money management skills, the better off you’ll be. If you’re a parent and money is on your child’s mind, it’s best to teach them before they exhaust their savings. The PAYjr Education Center proposes that you start teaching your child about money as soon as they’re young enough to count. Give your child an allowance so that they can start making financial decisions that they can learn from. Provide them with opportunities to make money so that they can discover that their hard work pays off, but if they spend their earnings quickly, they’ll have to work harder for next time. You should also teach your child about budgeting, saving their money, and about credit as early as possible. Don’t shy away from family discussions, and teach by example. How do you educate your child about money management? Let us know in the comments.


  • We are very interested in hearing more about your efforts to bring financial literacy to children, and help them be aware and secure their futures.

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