How Do You Save on Heating Bills (and Keep Warm)?

'Tis the season for nippy weather and high heating bills. If you're sick of seeing your cash fly out the window into the cold, Real Simple magazine offers some tips for lowering your bill in the lower temperatures, like turning on the ceiling fan to blow down hot air, turning down the temperature on the water heater, and closing off unused rooms. How do you save a few bucks on the heating bill? Tell us your tricks in the comments.


    Hello, why is this in the AU feed...?!

    I second pfctdayelise's comment. Having lived in the States for three years recently, I can tell you that the North American situation as far as heating homes goes is considerably different to Australia. Before I moved to the US I had never encountered such things as water or steam central heating or homes with boilers in the basement; nor had I ever lived in a place where it snowed for five or so months of the year. These things just don't apply in Australia. So even if it weren't summer here, it would still be largely irrelevant.

    Because we publish all the stories from Lifehacker US. :)

    I flag stories as "US-centric" if they're about a product or service we can't get here. Or in this case, I tagged it as "unseasonal advice". :)

    Your point is valid, but see my reply to pfctdayelise - we publish all stories from Lifehacker US, flagging them as "US-centric" or "unseasonal" as the case may be. :)

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