How Do You Deal with Gadget Lust?

mbproplz_sm.jpg Apple's launch of the MacBook Air and other products yesterday filled geeks everywhere with lust for the new notebook (or the Time Capsule, or Apple TV, or iPhone, or iPod touch). Every few months there's a new, pricey tech toy everyone wants, and deciding whether or not to pull the trigger on the purchase yourself can be a struggle. Over at personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly, J.D. Roth says new tech product launches are tough for him, but he's sticking to his guns (and his current laptop) and resisting the urge to drop cash on Apple's new offerings—a smart decision for anyone trying to get out of debt or save a few clams. It's easy to get caught up in advertising hype and follow the lemmings down BUYBUYBUY lane, so how do you resist? Or did you give in? Tell us your psychological mind tricks for immunising yourself to the reality distortion field in the comments. Photo by Gizmodo.


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