Has Your Mobile Phone Replaced Your Watch?

The San Diego Union Tribute reports that wristwatch sales declined 25 per cent between 2003 and 2005, supposedly because people use their mobile phones to tell the time—which seems extreme, but maybe we're old-fashioned. We want to know:

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Even though I used my mobile to tell time, as an alarm, to do quick calculations, take pictures, and check email, it hasn't completely replaced my watch or camera or laptop for that matter. What about you?


    My mobile has completly replaced a number of my digital gadgets.

    I use a Nokia N95 as my, mp3 player, radio, digital camera (5MP), video camera, wireless internet & email, GPS, watch, portable gaming, portable hard drive (2GB) and alarm clock.

    Oh and I make calls on it. But not so much! ;)

    My watch is my main time device. I spend a lot of time wet or damp, and unbagging and turning on a mobile is slower than glancing at a wrist. Even turned on, I still need to dig it out.

    I don't own many digital pocket widgets. I don't want to read email on my phone. I like to be unreachable. I have music in my head, anyway.

    My watch can be used everywhere. My cell phone cannot be used:
    --in public schools
    --in colleges
    --when operating an automobile
    --in church and places of worship
    --in the ocean
    --in a swimming pool
    --self participating sports events
    --on airplanes
    --in the movie theatre
    --in live theatre
    --in many work places
    --in many restaurants
    --private clubs
    --court rooms
    --most office meetings
    --during daily battery re-charging
    --in inclement weather conditions
    --cannot function in buildings having
    dense stone walls or exteriors
    --not permitted in hospitals
    --when operating heavy equipment

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