Get Only the Posts You Want from Lifehacker's Site Feeds

While we often write about the productivity killer that is information overload, here at Lifehacker we publish up to (and sometimes over) 20 posts a day. Yes, we're aware of the irony. But in case you didn't know: we've got several category pages and feeds that you can use to filter Lifehacker posts down to just the topics you want to see.

First, we offer two versions of our "all posts" feed: the Full content feed includes the full text of posts with images and advertising. The second is post excerpts without advertising. If you want all of Lifehacker every day, take your pick between those two.

If those two feeds serve up too much content for your taste, we've also recently created the "aus" feed - which as the name suggests, bundles up all the Oz-centric posts from Lifehacker (around 6 posts a day).


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