Download Paul Kelly tracks for free

paul_kelly.pngWe love to see musicians and artists embracing the internet rather than trying to lock down and control their music, so it's cool to see Paul Kelly offering free downloads from his "A-Z" concert series from his website. Registration is required.
The "A-Z" concerts feature his favourite live versions of 100 of his songs in alphabetical order, and the site will offer one letter a month - so January will feature all the songs beginning with A.
So I'll only need to wait until next month to get my favourite track, Before Too Long. :)
You can find more Paul Kelly music on his MySpace page, or if you like live recordings his work is also available from LiveBand, a live-gig-to-CD service we told you about previously.
If you know of other places to source free music (Australian or other) please share in comments.

Paul Kelly's A-Z download page [via The Freebies Blog]


    I was late catching on to Paul Kelly's A-Z free downloads and missed out on the A set. Any ideas how I might be able to get hold of these songs.

    I've only just discovered this & we're up to H already. Is there anyway to find the missing tracks???

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