Download Netflix Watch Now Movies Easy-Like with Netflix Download Links

Download Netflix Watch Now Movies Easy-Like with Netflix Download Links

netflix-download-script.pngUS-centric: Firefox with Greasemonkey: Download Netflix “Watch Now” videos straight to your hard drive with the Netflix Download Links Greasemonkey script. We’ve already pointed out how to rip Netflix “Watch Now” videos to your hard drive, but fact is, the whole process is a pain in the ass. The Greasemonkey script automates a lot of the work, making it tons easier (thought it requires a bit of setup to get started)—and now that Netflix is offering unlimited “Watch Now” streaming, this script opens up a whole new world of possibility.

The script is supposed to work on all platforms, but if you’re using it anywhere other than Windows you’ll need to edit one script variable (var IAmRunningWindows to false), and you’ll still need a Windows box to remove the DRM. I’ve read scattered reports that downloading videos like this could result in your account being placed on hold, so proceed with caution. I had mixed results testing it, so if you give it a try, let’s hear how it worked for you in the comments.


  • I didn’t use this method, I prefer to do it much easier. I got a screen capturing software and recorded the video streamings I want. It’s called Tunebite and has many features, it can be used as screen recorder and it captures videos from Netflix, even from hulu, also can be used as youtube downloader and as converter.
    As a screen recorder can record streaming movies anytime without any limitation. It’s easy to use and helful, as it converts videos to avi, wmv, mp3 and even 3gp.
    There is also a tutorial for helping users how to capture and record Netflix streaming videos:

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