DMA Drops Mailing Preference List Fee

US-centric: You no longer have to pay to opt out of annoying unsolicited snail mail: the Direct Marketing Association has dropped their dollar fee to get your name on their mailing preferences list. The DMA's member companies honor this granddaddy of snail mail optout lists, which is supported by the U.S. Postal Service. I paid the buck way back when to get on the DMA list, and it's since reduced my unwanted postal mail a whole lot. This dropped fee is long-awaited, great news. See also five ways you can clean up your snail mail.


    GreenDimes here,

    Consider us as your full service solution to get rid of junk mail and unwanted catalogs. We just created a new catalog screener that gives you the flexiblity to manage the catalogs that you want stopped. In addition, we plant 10 trees with each sign up. We do charge a fee. I'm glad so many people are talking about this important issue.

    Your product would probably be a little more useful to us if it was offered outside the US - this is Lifehacker Australia. Good luck with it anyway - anything to reduce our paper waste. :)

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