Decorate food with edible googly eyes

googley.pngHere's a tip which could help spice up a birthday cake for your geeky child or loved one - a kitchen hack for making edible googly eyes. The creators -at the aptly named Evil Mad Scientist Labratories blog - use empty gelatine capsules (like the ones used for vitamins and other pills), hundreds and thousands or cake decorating balls for the 'pupils'. The pupils are captured in the gel cap, which is gently pushed into a light coloured backing (soft biscuit or a malteser cut in half) to provide the base and the 'whites of the eyes'.
How could a birthday cake *NOT* be improved by this hack? I love it.

One Hundred Percent EDIBLE Googly Eyes [Evil Mad Scientist Labratories via MAKE]


    clever, but these are a better option

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