David Allen on "Knowledge Work Athletics"

UPDATE - a couple of people pointed out that the video link wasn't working anymore, but it seems to have been reposted here.

Back in October, David Allen gave a talk on Getting Things Done at Google, called "GTD and the Two Keys to Sustaining a Healthy Life and Workstyle," and now the video clip's available on YouTube. While this is definitely a worthy watch for GTD followers (or those who aspire to be), if you don't have a spare 45 minutes, the two keys are:

Control: Conscious focused engagement, aware of all options at any one time and place Perspective: aligned and clear about decisions, directions, and priorities.

All in all a nice GTD primer right from the horse's mouth. Thanks, Steve!


    Gina, this video is no long available on YouTube. Do you know of an alternate link. Thanks.

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