Create a Home Management Binder with Household Notebook

calendar_thumb.jpgDownload personalisable household planners, including calendars, checklists, to-do lists, phone message stationery, and more at Household Notebook, a web gallery which stores nearly 100 different types of forms that make task management easier. Tackle time management with a weekly planner and goal setting with a diet tracker. The site also showcases a pantry and freezer inventory for keeping track of your wares, a packing checklist for the occasional trip, address lists to pin on the fridge door, and birthday calendars, among numerous other forms. Don't create a template in your favorite word processor for your to-do list; the Household Notebook already has one created for you. Simply navigate to the page, print, and start organising.


    There are a lot of free sites like this, I cant see why this one is any better then a quick google search

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