Cook in bulk to save time and money

Bulk cooking, also known as assembly cooking, means using mass production principles to save time and money in the kitchen. It also means that after putting in the effort to cook and prepare in bulk ahead of time, your freezer is stocked with lots of yummy meals or meal starters which can save you from having to cook every day.
The Wise Bread blog today gave a rundown on assembly cooking for newbies which includes a list of starter materials and some tips for cooking in bulk:

*Use flash freezing for multiple items which you'll cook in batches but don't want sticking together when frozen. Examples could be chicken drumsticks, breaded veal portions, mozzarella sticks, or frozen breaded eggplant slices.Space them out lying flat on an empty freezer shelf until frozen, then stack them up to save space.

*You can use masking tape and a permanent marker pen to label containers such as freezer bags

*Ice cube trays - for freezing 'single serve' portions of a variety of things such as soup stock, pizza sauce or curry paste.

*Do themed prep cooking sessions for example if you have an adundance of potatoes make a whole bunch of potato dishes

While the thought of devoting 1-3 days a month to cooking in bulk might sound like a lot, this article gives you a good rundown to how to get started with assembly cooking. It also stresses that you should take things at your own pace - there's nothing wrong with getting started by just saving leftovers as a base for other meals, or cooking larger meals with a view to freezing the leftovers. The article links to suggested recipes too.

Assembly Cooking for Newbies [Wise Bread]


    These are great ideas for pizza makers as well, one of them I just adopted, thank you. Pizza (home made pizza not commercial!) is easy and quick to make, healthy, large one cost less than 1 buck to make at home and people love these:


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