Consider made to measure for good fitting, long lasting clothes

If you're one of the many people who finds it difficult to buy clothes which fit you well because you're too tall/short/thin/fat, then you may have considered getting clothes made to measure. It may seem like an indulgence, but the result is form-fitting clothing and since you can specify the fabric, you can choose fabrics which will last longer and better than clothes sold off the rack.
The Age today wrote up a few Sydney and Melbourne tailors and what you can expect if you go the bespoke route for your shirts.

"The first shirt you have made from your custom shirtmaker should range in price from $185 to $300, but it can be regarded as a template."

Depending on how much you usually spend on shirts, that initial charge may be a shock, but once you have the template shirt, you can get it "copied" for subsequent shirts which will be cheaper. For example, the article recommends a Hong Kong-based tailor, Jantzen, who will copy shirts for $50. That is pretty competitive when you consider the kind of shirt you'd get for $50 off the rack.

So have you tried made to measure clothing? I have a few friends who've bought tailored suits and loved them. And they look fantastic. :)

The Pro's guide to bespoke tailoring [The Age]


    I have gotten one piece of clothing tailored, a halter top with corset lacing on the back. It cost me $200 and was worth every last penny. I have a very non-standard frame (I'm fat, with small breasts, while most fat girls have corrospondingly large breasts), so finding clothing that can flatter both my too-large tum and too-small chest is very hard. The halter top fits like a dream and looks amazing.

    I got it from Gallery Serpentine in Sydney, and if you like gothy/corsetty/fetishy things, I highly recommend them. I could wear what I got out anywhere and it would be considered fashionable. :)

    I had some suits and shirts made recently on a trip to Phuket in Thailand. Paid around $900 for three suits (2 trousers per suit) and 4 shirts. We asked our hotel for a recommendation (there are millions of tailors in Phuket). They recommended a mob out near Phuket Town (we were in Patong). They called them and they came and picked us up - around a 20 minute drive. After selecting the fabrics, they measured me up. I had a suit that I wanted copied - which they were happy to do - but they also recommended some minor changes. The next day they came to our hotel and did a fitting with the skeleton of one suit and one shirt (this is a necessity - the initial measurement is simply not enough). We picked up the suits a week later, on our way to the airport.

    It's been around 6 months and so far so good. The suits will probably last me 2 years or so. The shirts aren't too bad either (came to around A$25 each, which is a bargain), but I've actually bought nicer off-the-rack shirts (for more money).

    There are lots of '24 hour' places in Asia - you definitely need more than 24 hours. After the initial measurement, a second fitting is essential - even if you are bringing a suit to be copied.

    The tailor's name: GS Collections. Hotel was Holiday Inn Resort Phuket (fantastic - excellent value, great location - it's the top Phuket hotel on Tripadvisor).

    I might get this done again next time - certainly excellent value, and Thailand is a brilliant destination.

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