Check for old versions of Flash player on your PC

Users of Adobe's ubiquitous Flash Player will want to update the software, and possibly check their PC to remove older versions, according to Defensive Computing blogger Michael Horowitz. He says the Flash installer doesn't remove older versions of the program, which can be a space hog and a security risk:

"The first time I ran the Secunia Software Inspector I almost fell off my chair at the huge list of old versions of the Flash player that were hanging around."

He also points out that you'll need to separately update IE and Firefox, and that once you've updated, it's worth checking to make sure your browser is loading the correct version of Flash Player. Read his post for the full details.

The Adobe security update came out on December 18, and you can read the details here. You can download the new version here.

Problems updating the Flash player in Firefox? Here's Help [CNET]


    An uninstaller is available straight from Adobe for flash player.

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