Better GReader Updated with New Skins and Features

bettergreader-newversion.pngFinally got around to dusting off the Better GReader Firefox extension this weekend and jazzed it up with three new skins and features. My favourite skin is the beautiful Mac OS X skin, but the handy Reader Minimized skin and the updated Optimized options are useful, too. There are also two new Preview Item scripts in the mix, which loads a post's originating web page in a frame right inside Reader. You can now also bypass that annoying "iGoogle or Reader?" prompt page with the Auto Add to Reader feature. Go grab the download at Better GReader's homepage, or if you have it installed already, just update from Firefox's Add-ons dialog box.


    My Preview functionality has stopped working in my browser at work. It still works in my browser at work, so I know it must be something with my computer -- but I don't even know where to start. Can you help? FF, Better GReader 0.2.2.

    Me too!!!! What's going on-it just stopped working all of a sudden?

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