Batch Resize Images with IrfanView

irfanviewstart-batch.png Windows only: Lifehacker readers love free image viewer and processor IrfanView, so much that whenever we mention how to rename or resize images with other programs, someone's guaranteed to bring up IrfanView in the comments. So now that you know how to batch process images in Photoshop, ImageMagick, and Photo Drop (Mac), tech site Of Zen and Computing covers the steps in IrfanView. I admit that I use Picasa and and an old copy of ImageReady for this kind of work most of the time, but IrfanView looks more and more to be like the free image multi-tool to have on your desktop. What other kinds of image work do you automate with IrfanView? Let us know in the comments.


    Love me some Irfanview. But I found that if you have 24 bit Tif or Targa images with an 8 bit alpha channel, it loses the alpha channel on ALL Irfanview operations. I just discovered that yesterday.

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