Australian guide to recycling

A poster to the eco-australia blog has put together a helpful guide for maximising your recycling mojo and reducing the amount you put into landfill.

Local resources for rehoming your old stuff include  Freecycle Today and e-Cycled. The Australian Giving Centre lists organisations that will accept donated blankets, clothes, computers, mobile phones, furniture, bikes and more.

Along with some useful links to places you can recycle stuff, it also has a checklist you can use to work out if you can find a home for your old stuff before putting it in the bin:

  1. Can it be recycled?
  2. Can it be composted?
  3. Can it be donated?
  4. Can it be sold/traded?
  5. Can it be given away free to a friend or neighbour?
  6. Can I use it for something else?
  7. Can I make it into something else
  8. Where is the best/safest place to dispose of it (if it is dangerous to the environment eg. paints)?

I would also highly recommend calling your local council or checking their website for a guide to what you can recycle through their rubbish collection service - the Port Phillip Council in Melbourne has a very useful 1 page guide which said what kind of household items can be recycled and which can't - along with translations of the different recycling codes you find on plastic bottles and the like. Stick it on your fridge!

So how's your recycling mojo? If you have tricks for reducing, reusing or repurposing things, please share in comments.

Recycling Links [eco_australia]


    Another online recycle site is:
    it allows you to give and receive goods for free

    You can find your nearest Freecycle group at

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