New internet pipe to US may herald cheaper, unmetered broadband

Australia is to get its third connection to the international internet backbone with the announcement of a $200 million fibre optic project by PIPE Networks, according to a report by Dan Warne at APC.  The project will build an undersea  cable between Australia and Guam, which will have a maximum speed of 1.92 terabytes per second.
The pipeline is slated to be operational in 2009.
The APC story quotes PIPE's executive director as saying the new pipe will greatly increase Australia's international data capacity and give ISPs another option apart from dealing with Telstra and Optus. He suggests the increased capacity and independence from legacy players Telstra and Optus could open the door to cheaper and unmetered broadband. We can but hope.


    A whole 200 dollars?!


    Gah. Fixed. Thanks. :)

    Increased capacity is not equal to cheaper broadband. It all depends on how much PIPE is charging.

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