APC recommends its Top 5 free open source computer games

secret_maryo.pngAPC magazine has posted its list of the Top 5 free open source games, along with a list of other free games which come highly recommended. Top of the list is a Super Mario-inspired 2D platform game called Secret Maryo Chronicles. Also on the list are a couple of strategy games, including Free Civ and a first person shooter called Alien Arena. As a bonus they've got a list of 'runners up' and a list of 'free but not open source' games including Sam and Max Episode 4. Should be plenty to chose from if you're looking for a free game to chew up some of your downtime.

Top 5 best (free) open source games [APC]


    Over 150+ Free Open Source Games.


    Nice resource, thanks for the link!

    It seems that the games are old classics ....and most of them seem outdated !

    Thanks for the links guys ...I can never let down on those childhood games I engaged my life in.

    those games are old....do u have acceee to new ones though?

    I think my life is already being hacked because of these video games because my child is always on the computer to download new games.

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