Adelaide offers free rides on solar powered bus

tindo_bus.pngAdelaide Council has introduced a free bus service provided by what it says is the world's first all-electric, solar powered bus. The Tindo Solar Bus (named for the Aboriginal word for sun) offers a free service which runs seven days a week between major facilities in North Adelaide and the city. Details of the route can be found here.
The environmentally friendly bus will recharge using solar panels installed at the Adelaide Central Bus Station.

[via EcoGeek]


    cool, and it comes from Adelaide who would of guest.
    Well done

    This is awesome on many levels...!

    Awesome! Let's hope this trial works out well enough they start introducing it in the rest of the country, and the world. Buses have to do a lot of driving, and with traditionally fueled buses that equates to a LOT of fossil fuels being burned. Not to mention the benefit of FREE travel, which would definitely persuade many more people to use public transport and use less fuel for their cars, meaning a better environment AND less traffic on the roads!

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