3 doubles mobile broadband data packages

Three's just doubled the data capacity on its mobile broadband plans - as of today they offer 2GB for $29, 4GB for $49 and 6GB for $69. Too bad if you're like me and signed up for 1GB for $14.50 offer only *yesterday* - but in the fine print they say the offer will be rolled out to existing customers so here's hoping...


    I found your website from the bloggies site, where I was chosen as a random panelist, and I picked out your website as one in 5 out of 20-30 entries for the best computers or technology blog.
    I'm not really much of a computer person, so I wasn't sure whether I'd even bother to do this category (I was assigned 10 random categories), but your site was really interesting and I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed supporting a fellow Aussie site!

    Good luck!


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