Your Best Study Tips?

study_hands.jpgFor many of you, finals are right around the corner. If you're starting to prepare, the College Scholarships blog has six considerations to account for when you're getting your learn on. Avoid caffeine and other stimulant drugs, especially if you've exceeded the normal usage amounts as you wouldn't want to crash during the exam and end up performing poorly. Choose your study area carefully: is a setting with music better or worse for you? Make sure your study setting accommodates your wants and needs. Don't stress and be positive. Remember, your exams will all be over soon. Prioritise and put your most important classes first on your list. Manage your time efficiently. Study alone or with your classmates, but avoid hanging with your crush. It's a distraction you'll want to avoid. If you have additional study tips, feel free to share them in the comments.


    ast minute cramming is a waste - if you don’t know an hour before the exam, you won’t know at crunch time. Review the night before, get a good nights sleep, show up refreshed and you’ll do as well as you’re ever going to.

    Cornell note taking method - search google, implement it, you will improve your understanding of the material. It's too late at finals - but it will make the difference for next semester.

    Statistically, what you remember of what you hear is quite low, what you remember of what you read is not much better. What you remember from what you teach is noticably higher. Study groups, or helping other people will solidify your understanding and noticably improve your ability to retain and access the information during an exam.

    Schedule early, schedule often. Conduct a threat assessment early in the semester for conflicting key dates - make sure you know well in advance when your finals are, when key deliverables (assignments/etc) are due and approximate how much time will be required to prepare for those events - look at surrounding events and be wary of conflicts. Steve’s going away party is in the middle of your review period? You better start review earlier so you can just tag a quick brush up after you recover from the party, etc.

    I found bodyquick really improved my study ability, It feels like turbo charging your brain toget the best performance out of it.

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