Wrap Your Holiday Lights Tangle-Free

wrap-lights.pngThe holidays are nearing an end, but this year instead of balling your holiday lights up into a unwrappable knot, give yourself a break for next year and put those lights away tangle-free. Reader Chad Bailey says that our previously posted figure-eight method for wrapping headphones works like a charm for storing your holiday lights, but since wrapping lights is a bit different from wrapping headphones, the instructions are a bit modified. Basically, it works like this:

Wrap your lights in a figure-eight pattern. Setting a chair on its side and using the two top legs as wrapping guides works pretty well. When you've got a foot or so of cord remaining, wrap the lights around the center of your figure-eight, then just tuck the remaining cord (an end with a plug would probably work best) into your last wrap. According to Chad, who wrapped his lights using this method last year, the figure-eight for holiday lights is bulletproof, especially compared with the common straight-loop-around-the-forearm method. If you've got a method of your own that works, let's hear it in the comments.


    Even better is to simply roll them in a ball. This means they don't get tangled when you are unrolling them next time.

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