Wired presents its list of Vaporware 2007

Wired magazine has published its annual Vaporware awards for 2007 - honouring the top ten most long promised, long delayed launches which still haven't made it to market. Or into beta. Or in some cases even made it beyond the designer's scratch pad...

I agree with some of them - the long (long) awaited Service Pack 3 for Windows XP (due in the first half of 2008?) is up there. But I can't say I'm bitterly disappointed that Guns n Roses still haven't released Chinese Democracy.

On the gaming front - Spore, yep, that's been a long time coming and it will be great to see it when it does. But am I hanging out for Blizzard's Diablo sequel? No. How about a World of Warcraft sequel with a new game engine? The game could certainly do with a tuneup.

In Australia of course the big example of Vaporware this year has to be the iPhone, of course. And on the subject of wish lists, could we possibly get TiVo already? And a Toyota Prius which isn't built like a barge?

So what was your vaporware in 2007? What are you hoping will show up in 2008, and what have you given up waiting for? Answers in comments please.


    Isn't vaporware used to refer to products that were never, or look like they will never be released? How can Windows XP SP3 be vaporware, when there's a public release candidate out? And the iPhone? I'm sure that thing exists.

    first result from google Define: Vaporware

    A semi-affectionate slang term for software which has been announced and perhaps even demonstrated, but not delivered to commercial customers.

    An RC is not a commercial delivery. The Iphone is not available in Australia.

    Gods, yes.

    I was a TiVo early adopter in the US. I got mine in the early series 1 timeframe, and upgrading it from 30 to 60 gigs was a big deal.

    8 years later, I move to Australia, leaving behind my beloved TiVo. I figured I could find an equivalent here.

    Oh, how wrong I was! I have an IQ box, but mostly all it does is remind me of everything TiVo did a decade ago that this still doesn't do well.

    So, yeah. TiVo in Australia makes me seriously wet.

    @Midda Don't know which list you were looking at, but the iPhone isn't in the list that was published at http://www.wired.com/gadgets/gadgetreviews/multimedia/2007/12/YE_Vaporware

    I have to say that I am most looking forward to Spore. THink about it, creating your own species and universe. Then traveling to other peoples' universes. It will b egreat.

    It was from the article, not the list.

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