Visit California's Computer History Museum on YouTube

computer history.pngIf you're a computing history nerd like me, then you probably think of Mountain View's Computer History Museum as a geek mecca you'd like to visit one day. Well now YouTube can take you there.
The museum is using its YouTube channel to publish some of the lectures, interviews and Q&As held at the museum. One recent video which caught my eye was a panel held as part of the museum's recent celebration of the Commodore 64's 25th anniversary. I loved Production Engineer David A. Ziembicki's comment about the reaction when C64 launched: "All we saw at our booth were Atari people with their mouths dropping open, saying, 'How can you do that for $595?'"
If you follow the link to the YouTube channel, watch the volume as it starts the intro movie immediately, which is annoying!
Thanks for the tip, Alan. :)

Computer History Museum (YouTube channel)


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