Use your Christmas break to... wash your keyboard

keyboard.jpgKeyboard grottiness is something which most geeks need to deal with, especially if you're undisciplined (like me) and eat and drink while at the computer. The 43 Folders blog today talked about the so-crazy-it-just-might-work solution of putting your keyboard through the dishwasher. Because it should ideally be left for a few days to thoroughly dry out, it sounded like a good thing to try when you're about to head out for your Christmas holiday. So is it time to say goodbye to the Great Coffee Stain of 2007? I have to admit I'm tempted. My little "Quiet Key" could use a bath. Do you dare put your fave keyboard through the dishwasher?

The Great Keyboard Bath of 2007
[43 Folders]


    I've heard of this before (NB: Not a suggestion that it works), and even think I can remember hearing someone on the internet a few years back claiming they put their Gameboy Advance through the dishwasher regularly. In theory, I think it makes sense, because from what I understand there's nothing wrong with electronics being wet. It's being wet and turned on is what creates problems, because then they short circuit or what have you.

    Still, try this at your own risk.

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