Use a Screensaver as Desktop Wallpaper with Wallsaver

Use a Screensaver as Desktop Wallpaper with Wallsaver

Mac OS X only: Turn your desktop into a photo slideshow using freeware app Wallsaver. Wallsaver is a very simple application written in AppleScript that replaces your wallpaper with the current screensaver. Setting the wallpaper as Flurry (shown above) is pretty annoying, however, using your pictures folder is an excellent way to use your desktop as a digital picture frame. A few months ago we showed Linux users how to get the same effect using a nautilus hack. Thanks, NineTailedFox!


  • Cool. There is also a very simple Widget that does the same thing:

    I ended up going with the Widget solution better because I don’t like “installing” applications when there is an easier way to achieve the same thing. The Wallsaver Widget is simply a wrapper for the Terminal command that runs the Screen Saver.


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