Upgrading Xbox ‘painful, stupid’ process

Journalist and BBC World Service commentator Bill Thompson says Microsoft’s put way too many hurdles in the way of upgrading from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to the 120GB hard drive Xbox 360 Elite. Why? Having to send off for a special use-once-and-discard cable to transfer data from the old Xbox, having to swap hard disks and spending up to an hour to transfer just 20GB of data across. Worst of all, he says, is that the process wipes the old hard drive, so you can’t keep old games or even saved games on the older console. That’s not much chop if you want to keep using both consoles.
So a question for the console owners out there (I’m partial to the Wii, never got into Xbox) – is this Xbox tale of woe a typical story, or do other console manufacturers handle upgrades and DRM better? It seems that DRM lockdown is a fact of life if you’re a console gamer.

Microsoft puts upgrade in a spin [BBC]

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