Upgrade Better Gmail extension to avoid problems with Gmail

Users of the Better Gmail Firefox extension (written by our own Lifehacker US ed Gina) please note that the old version can interfere with functions in the new version of Gmail, as noted in Google's official help centre here.
If you strike a problem, you'll get a message in Gmail that reads: "Certain Greasemonkey scripts may interfere with Gmail". I've updated our original post about the new Better Gmail 2 to include the instructions on how to uninstall Better Gmail and install Better Gmail 2, so check it out if you've had issues, or just want to try out how the new improved Gmail works with the new improved Better Gmail 2 Firefox extension.


    I upgraded to the Better Gmail 2 extension a few days ago, I'm glad it has been updated to support the new gMail changes, but I do miss the nice skins from the original version.

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