Ulteo offers OpenOffice via web browser

ulteo.pngOpenOffice has been given the online app treatment by Ulteo, who've just launched the beta of their service which aims to provide Firefox and IE users with an online version of the document suite. Along with instant access to OpenOffice via browser without having to download it, Ulteo also offers collaboration features.
A user working with OpenOffice on the Ulteo server can invite other people to work with her on a shared document in real time. Invitations are sent via email and allow access in either read only or full edit mode, simply by clicking on a link in the email.
It looks like Ulteo are seeking to follow Google Docs, Zoho and Microsoft's Office Live Workspace down the online apps path - but they are aiming squarely at the existing install base of OpenOffice users. The company's statement on Ulteo said "Ulteo plans to release other services simplifying the life of PC users by providing easier access to desktop applications and online services as well as data management in the coming months."
The Ulteo beta is being opened up to 15,000 users, however they've stipulated it's for European and North American users at this stage. I'm not sure whether they're being strict on that or not as there seems to be a lag between registering and getting your invitation (or knockback for being in the wrong hemisphere!). If you want to register for it, go to http://www.ulteo.com/home/ooo.  If you get into the beta, please let us know how you find it.


    It's VERY cool. Load time is a bit slower than I would like (java vm). But they've achieved what Google and Microsoft have been working towards. Full office suite functionality in a browser. Ulteo blew past the big boys with this.

    My only hope is that the backend can be run on my server for my users only (I'm an IT mgr for a school district).

    Not sure what their target business model is. I hope they release the code.

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