Twitter: Do you.... tweet?

Calling all Twitter users - I'm going to be putting together a feature on getting the most out of Twitter early in the new year, and I'd like your help. This being Lifehacker, I want to take it beyond the simple functions available on the Twitter site and talk about the best browser extensions/add ons and how to get Twitter to interact with other social networking sites, and so forth. What tools do you use to increase Twitter's functionality, accessibility and usability?
So I'd like to invite you to submit your best Twitter tips - how do you get the most out of Twitter? If you send in a tip, please make sure you explain what you did, and what benefit you get out of it. Naturally you'll get namechecked if I use your tip. Either leave 'em in comments or email to [email protected] Thanks in advance!

The Lifehacker AU Ed (stokely on Twitter) :)


    Ok - one thing i'd *really* like to work out... But am seriously at a loss for...

    Is how I can get SMS tweets to/from my phone in Australia?

    Why is it so hard :-(

    If you provide something (positive) about that i'll be your BFF! Srzly. lol.

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