Track your flight times with Google

Two little tips to help air travellers and the people picking them up at the airport  - check before you leave the house to see if the flight's been delayed, and make sure you have the airline's phone number programmed into your phone before you leave to pick someone up!
Google's just unveiled a new feature for checking flight status - basically you just need to type the airline and flight number into Google, and the first result should tell you whether the flight is on time or delayed, and what the scheduled arrival and departure times are. I tried it for a Jetstar flight, JQ 747 and it worked just fine. Neat.

google_flight.pngOf course you can check direct with the airline if you prefer (bearing in mind that their websites might not update flight arrival details often enough to be useful).
Qantas details arrival times on their website or you can call 13 1223. And did you know that you can get Qantas flight updates via WAP sent to your 2G or above phone? Well, you can - details here.
Jetstar has flight information here, or  the phone number is 131 538.
Virgin's number is 13 6789 or flight details are here.


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