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As 2007 begins to wind down and we start making plans for 2008, we've been talking about what kinds of productivity systems, calendars and emails systems we'll use for next year. No matter what system you're using though, it probably revolves around your humble office desk. So it's probably worth putting some time into thinking how you can make your workspace more welcoming and productive!
We've talked a little recently on add life to your workspace if you're an office worker, but today's post at Freelance Switch actually gave me a kick up the bum to make some improvements.
Since one of the reasons I love about working from home is having the freedom to create a workspace which suits me, at a budget I decide, it's probably about time I actually exercised this freedom. Collis' post at Freelance Switch offered 10 ways to cheaply improve your home office. Here's the ideas I'll be taking up:

*Setting up a recycling system. All you really need to get this up and running is an A4 size cardboard box like the ones which copy paper comes in, since most office waste is paper.
*Buying a plant. Make sure it's indoor friendly, or can have a place by the window to get the sunlight it needs.
*Getting (or in my case remember to use) a filing cabinet. Filing cabinets can be expensive to buy new, but you can try to find them cheap at second hand office stores or ex-government auctions.
*Buying some office supplies to bring order to the desktop - pen holders, inbox trays, CD/DVD shelves.

So do you have any plans to tweak or customise your workspace for the new year? Share in comments please!

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Home Office Cheaply [Freelance Switch]


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