'They Might be Giants' entertain your kids

tmbg_image.pngIf you're a They Might be Giants fan, you'll either be thrilled or revolted by this news - it kind of depends on whether you've got kids. TMBG - the cult band who gave us "Birdhouse in Your Soul" and the annoying theme song from Malcolm in the Middle - have gone and done a Wiggles. Yep, they've got a kids album coming out.
They're releasing teaser material in the form of a weekly video podcast for kids, entitled Friday Night Family Podcast. It's hosted by muppet-esque puppets of the two Johns.
The Geek Day blog gave it the thumbs up from both the parents and the kid in his household, and that's pretty impressive considering you'd be hard pressed to find a parent who enjoys listening to the Wiggles.
The podcast is avaiable on iTunes here or you can download the High Five video episode here.


    Thank god. I was dreading discovering that this would be associated with the notoriously chemically fueled five piece of talentless eye candy High5.

    My 7 year old has enjoyed the 'adult' version of TMBG for years, for their catchy tunes and clever/weird lyrics. I don't know that they actually need to make a kid version!

    Interesting coincidence BTW, I actually met Murray from the Wiggles at a They Might Be Giants concert at the Hi-Fi in Melbourne about 5 years ago. I wonder what he would make of this?

    TMBG has been putting out children's albums for five years; this is their third children's album (and fourth children's project). Nothing new. :]

    Aww, I've been exposed as a TMBG ignoramus. :( Thanks for the info. ;)

    There's nothing annoying about the MitM theme song!

    There are so many rude things I didn't say about TMBG! Give me credit for that at least! :P

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