Theme Firefox On-the-Fly with Personas

personas.pngFirefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): If this year's four-part Show Us Your Firefox series taught us anything, it's that a lot of you love personalizing your favourite browser. The newest Firefox extension from Mozilla labs, called Persona, is designed to make lightweight browser theming even quicker and easier. Among other things, Persona changes Firefox themes on-the-fly from a small menu in your browser's status bar. New themes are automatically updated to Persona, so there's no searching high and low for themes—instead, just find one that sounds interesting (or just check out the popular themes) and go with it. You don't need to find a download page or restart your browser. Just click the them and watch as your chrome changes before your eyes. Granted, theming your browser isn't the most productive endeavor on the block, but if you're already into theming, Personas should certainly simplify the process.


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