Take a Quick Look at Your Trash

quick-look-trash.pngLeopard users: One simple annoyance when browsing the Trash on your Mac is that Finder won't allow you to open a file from the Trash. Your Mac may have good reasons for it, but this can be particularly frustrating when you're ready to empty the Trash but you want to make sure you don't actually need that ambiguously named file. That's because you can't open files that are in the Trash. If you try to, you'll get a message saying the file can't be opened because it's in the Trash, and if you want to open it, you'll need to drag it out of the Trash—which is kind of a pain. But weblog TUAW points out that Quick Look works with files in the Trash, meaning you can get a quick look (!) at the file to make sure it's ready for oblivion.


    The problem with QuickLook is that it only works when the Finder is the active application. For example, an mp3 file stops playing as soon as I switch to a different app. So I want to open it with QuickTime Player. I CAN open it without dragging it out of the trash by dragging it to the QuickTime Player icon. But what I really want is to open it by double-clicking. Surely there is a default one can set to get rid of "You can’t open the application 'whatever' because it’s in the Trash". Something like:
    "defaults write com.apple.finder ApplePissUserOff FALSE"

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