Roll Your Own Professionally Designed Web Site

OSWD.pngOpen Source Web Design (OSWD) collects web site templates from amateurs and professionals and makes them available to download free of charge. If you don't have the time (or the chops) to create a sharp looking web site, you can download a high quality template from OSWD instead. There are over 2000 superb designs that can be modified for your upcoming class reunion, wedding, block party, etc. If you've never tried to create a web site, a download from OSWD coupled with a free graphical editor like Nvu should be enough to get you started.


    I know its an old post, but then again I am am old bastard so the 2 go together. Thanks for the link to Open Source Web Design, i found a beauty template here, and like you said it's for free.
    Yer I'll recommend it for you and give the link a 3.5 star rating :)

    Thanks But it still did'nt give me a template. I wanted an index to chose a simple rental agreement for Ugandans in Jija. I could not manage site.
    I have a policy that if site take more than 5 min to nut out its too difficult for joe average.

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