Remember your online subscription details

If you're an infrequent user of sites like ebay or paypal, you probably make more use of the "I forgot my password, please email it to me" function than you should. I decided to take the simple step of creating a "subscription management" folder in my email client so I'd always have those details to hand.
Now whenever I create an account on a website (which usually generates an email confirming my login details), I just drop the email into my subs management folder and it will be there next time I'm trying to remember my password. Requesting a new password usually generates a reminder email with your new login details - I keep those in my subs folder too.
My subs management folder has a long list of subscriptions, ranging from Remember the Milk, Ticketek, YouTube and Wikipedia. Now they're just a Thunderbird search away, which has been a real time saver. How do you remember all your online subscription details?


    I keep almost all of my passwords different (for security reasons) but they all follow a certain formula. For important things such as bank accounts I have a long complex password. For things which I use alot of have another (not so complex) and for times when I am just doing a once off, such as a forum post that I'll probably never come back to, I have a low level, easily guessable password.

    So the way I remember which site has what password is I ask myself how important is this site to me, then I know which password I should use. Works for me :)

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