PureText lets you cut and paste just the text from documents

PureText is a freeware app for Windows which simplifies the cut and paste process by automatically stripping out formatting and images, in order to paste the results in a pure text format.
If you tend to copy and paste text from websites or other documents, you may find this little tool quite useful. One of the "joys" of online publishing is writing in a word processing program, then having to paste the document into Notepad to strip out the formatting before dumping the raw text into the CMS for publishing. It's an incredibly common and incredibly backwards way of doing things. PureText gives you a hotkey to reformat and paste in one step.
Once you've selected and copied the text you want, you hit the "PT" icon in your system tray, which you can configure to convert the text and paste it into the window you have currently selected. The text will arrive with pictures and rich formatting gone. Note that it doesn't affect carriage returns or tabs, word wraps or any HTML (so you can't use it to strip the text out of the source code of a website).But if you copy textfrom an actual web page (not the source of the page), it will remove the formatting.
For the command line junkies, Version 2.0 of the software also includes command line options.
PureText 2.0 is freeware for Windows 95 and later. It can be downloaded here.
[via Worker's Edge]


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